4.2.1 File Menu

4.2.1 File Menu

Create New Project

1. Create New Project
Instructions for creating a new project:
1. Select New Project from the File Menu
2. Enter a name in the Project Name box. The project will be saved as a directory full of files, rather than a single file, so It is best to include the word "Project" (or some other word that signals to you that this is your ArchaeoFusion Project) in the project name.
3. For Project Location, click the Browse button to find a directory for your project. It can be anywhere that you choose.
4. The Project Folder box is shown for your information. All files imported into and created in ArchaeoFusion will be stored in this directory.
5. click Finish

Create New Survey

2. Create New Survey
Choosing New Survey from the File Menu takes you to the Survey Tool where you can import tiles and assemble into a survey. See Survey Tool for details.

Open a Project

3. Open a Project
Instructions for opening a project:
1. Select Open Project from the File Menu
2. Browse to the Project Folder. When you get there, select (but do not double click) on the project folder. You want to select (but not open) the whole project directory. Then click select.
3. Leave the checkbox checked to "let this project reset the coordinate system preference." This way whatever coordinate system was used in the project you are opening will be used. If you uncheck this box, then it will open using your preferred coordinate system. See Edit Preferences for details.
4. click Finish

Close a Project

4. Close a Project
Selecting Close Project from the File Menu will close the currently open project, but the software will remain open.

Save a Project

5. Save a Project
Clicking Save Project will save the current project.

Save a Project As...

6. Save a Project As...
Select Save Project As from the File menu to save the currently open project under a new name and/or location.

Exit the Program

7. Exit the Program
Selecting Exit under the File menu will close the software altogether.
Last Updated June 15, 2011