4.1 Main Window

4.1 Main Window

Title Bar

1. Title Bar
tells you the title of the project that is currently open.

Menu Bar

2. Menu Bar
Provides links to all functions in ArchaeoFusion. See Main Menu for details

Shortcut Buttons

3. Shortcut Buttons
Shortcuts to the most commonly used functions and all operations. See File Menu and Operations Menu for more details.

Mapping Surfaces

4. Mapping Surfaces
This section lists all available surfaces on which you can display surveys. There are two types of surfaces:
1. Ellipsoid Fragments are flat surfaces for standard display of surveys. You must have an ellipsoid fragment to be able to see your survey. When a survey is created an ellipsoid fragment is automatically created. If you edit your survey and either change the coordinates or add more tiles, you might need to create a new ellipsoid fragment. To do this right click on the survey in the survey list and select "create ellipsoid surface."
2. Height maps are surfaces created by elevation or survey data, and work the same as ellipsoid fragments. You can create a height map from any survey in the survey list by right-clicking and clicking create surface. You will be asked to enter a scale, which is the vertical exaggeration. Often geophysical data need at least 10x vertical exaggeration. Be aware that if you enter large numbers for this, your height map may appear very high up above the flat surface plane and you will need to zoom out to see it.
You can also import a surface (see Import Surface) from a GeoTIFF.

Survey List

5. Survey List
The Survey List enumerates all of the surveys in a project. See Using the Survey List for details.

Operation Stack

6. Operation Stack
The Operation Stack lists all of the operations that have been added to the currently active survey (the one that is highlighted white in the Survey List). See Using the Operation Stack for details.

Data Viewing Space

7. Data Viewing Space
This is the main window where you will see your surveys and surfaces displayed.

Survey Info & Controls

8. Survey Info & Controls
The right panel of the main window provides a variety of information about selected surveys and tiles, and buttons and menus for controlling the display. See Survey Display Controls for details.
Last Updated June 15, 2011